We proudly present a new edition of the classic book Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy by Yogi Ramacharaka, with a Foreword by the renowned yoga teacher and writer, Richard Rosen.

Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy is a continuation of the Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy. It should be read after one has read the Fourteen Lessons since many concepts are introduced in the first book. Both books were written 120 years ago yet they remain the best introduction to yogi philosophy for a Western audience.

The Advanced Course delves deeper into Indian philosophy and explores some of humanity’s perennial questions. The lessons of the course are written in a simple, charming, and straightforward style. Some of the subjects explored in the book:


  • The three main paths of yoga: Karma, Gnani, and Bhakti
  • Spiritual consciousness
  • Yogi Ethics (Dharma)
  • The relationship between Matter, Energy, Mind, and Spirit
  • The Absolute and Man
  • The Riddle of the Universe

Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy is available at Amazon.com and by request, at your local bookstore.