As the Natsu and Pleased end a position, both decide to find something to consume

Meanwhile, Lucy finally discovers the location of Natsu and Happy’s domestic. She find that it was for you personally to pay Natsu and you may Happy having awkward their whenever both go to their at the the lady family. Lucy imagines looking at their chair, only to has him get home, astonished to track down the lady truth be told there. Just like the she gets in your house regardless if, she sees a home with overturned furniture, unwashed items, and most of one’s floor cluttered that have nonsense. [51]

As Lucy explores our house, she observes brand new demand of Kaby Melon having a note pinned claiming “New journey We did with Lucy the very first time”. Lucy in addition to notices the fresh trademark of the fake Salamander you to experimented with to kidnap Lucy and other females as the submissives, rubble on meeting-place of guild positives within Clover Area you to Class Natsu affect lost after they were assaulting Lullaby, a souvenir off Galuna Area in which they got a keen unauthorized S-Group request, and you may Lucy’s maid costume outfit. Lucy is touched because of the Natsu’s steps, and you can decided to tidy up while awaiting him or her. [52]

not, shortly after a long time, Lucy becomes tired of waiting for Natsu and Delighted and you will decides going domestic, in order to find them in her domestic resting near the girl sleep. 1st aggravated, she softens upwards whenever she finds Natsu are dreaming about the woman. [53]

Fairy End x Rave [ ]

Natsu, Lucy and you may Happier come in a distant area toward an objective. However, Natsu separated on group and Lucy and you may Pleased is actually pushed to search for your as they cannot work in place of your. [54]

Lucy and you can Pleased, deciding on Elie, think that she will be the Mage they are after. Then they query their in the event that she wants to relax and play inside the gambling enterprises and Elie says sure, far to their surprise. Yet not, in advance of Lucy and you may Happier can choose about what to accomplish, a surge is actually read regarding city and the category brains toward it. The new rush will then be found becoming off Natsu and Haru’s battle because a couple fight on local casino. not, its battle are disrupted when Erza Bright red intervenes and episodes him or her to own damaging the girl effective streak. Erza will be found to be the Mage which was leading to chaos regarding the casino. [55]

Later on, Natsu’s category and you can Haru’s group lead with the her attraction. Natsu and Haru are completely angered by one another and are generally confident one other try a bad person. [56]

Whoever Outfits Is actually This type of? [ ]

Gray is once again instead their dresses and you may wanders from guild-hall, curious aloud in which he leftover him or her. Lucy tells your she doesn’t have the latest faintest suggestion, seeing that he pieces every where, and Wendy informs him to help you no less than don something, covering this lady vision. [57]

Grey decides to get by with some other dresses into time being. Lucy points out that people are Natsu’s clothing and Grey realizes what which means. Soon enough, Natsu comes wearing Gray’s outfits. The 2 demand its clothing right back out of one another because the Pleased and you may Carla ponder the way they been able to accomplish that. Erza next comes and watching what is happening, chooses to is trading clothes too. She swaps the lady armor for Lucy’s then Wendy’s dresses (each of exactly who look for her armour fat). Several others in addition to plan to join in exchanging gowns. [58]

Fairy Girl [ ]

Natsu, Lucy and you can Happier find Erza of course, if Natsu asks Erza on the their unorthodox outfit, Erza retorts defensively, seemingly shocking the newest threesome. But not, he’s alot more amazed by the woman physical appearance in the place of their yelling, just like the Erza’s face and asiame discount code the entire body has were transformed abnormally, and that obligates Prepared to mention that Erza “became actual”. [59]