When you look at the <a href="https://datingranking.net/local-hookup/boston-2/">Boston best hookup apps</a> “Too old,” Little princess Bubblegum informs Finn one she wants Jake

Little princess Bubblegum

Jake is actually extremely familiar with Finn’s past crush towards the Little princess Bubblegum, so Little princess Bubblegum and you will Jake possess a very unusual relationship. He is friends, although. Jake and Princess Bubblegum scarcely communicate with one another, in “Incendium,” Princess Bubblegum phone calls your “puppy” within the a sweet, baby voice even permitting him others their head-on the girl lap, as well as in brand new episode “Ricardio one’s heart Son” Jake and you may Princess Bubblegum teased Finn’s fascination with Little princess Bubblegum. For the “Little princess Cookie,” Jake reported that he disliked the girl because the he thought it was unjust that Little princess Bubblegum don’t assist your become a great mailman and made your end up being good milkman, though it is possible he was only saying that it to appears Baby-Snaps. When you look at the “Consuming Reasonable,” Jake misinterprets Little princess Bubblegum’s attempts at staying Flames Princess stable as the envy, while she yields once more trying to find Finn, Jake furiously berates their to have causing Finn so much emotional pain and getting a beneficial “heartless beast.” After stabilization Fire Princess, Jake observes Bubblegum’s a reaction to Finn and you can Fire Princess’ “kiss” (for every single making out a rock to symbolize making out both) and mocks their if you are jealous, only for Princess Bubblegum to tell your to shut up. In the “A problem was a problem”, shortly after Finn and you will Jake disgusted the virus and you may gone back to the new chocolate kingdom, Little princess Bubblegum and Jake and you can Little princess Bubblegum’s hands say that it missed both.

Mr. Cupcake

Jake and you can Mr. Cupcake display a really burdened matchmaking. Jake can be involved one to Mr. Cupcake takes Ladies regarding your, therefore the guy hinders your more often than not. From the event “Go out Sandwich,” it is found that Jake respects Mr. Cupcake and you may tries to wind up as him in a number of aspects of his existence. It is reasonably shown whenever Jake was to pass away, he’d wanted Mr. Cupcake to take care of Girls in addition to their kids, appearing a deep believe and respect for Mr. Cupcake.

Forest Trunks

Jake and you will Tree Trunks express a virtually relationship, that’s exactly like a grandma-grandson relationships. This is certainly found quite often, although there is actually a posture on the event “Forest Trunks” whenever she kissed your from time to time to make certain that he would let the woman help Finn.

Jake looked later on that have lip stick scratching all-over their face, and then he was cheerful. Afterwards, Forest Trunks says to Finn one to she’ll take on his apology (Finn had prior to yelled in the the girl) if he would let her kiss his cheek.

Finn involved in order to decline the deal whenever Jake states “Whoa, let her kiss your own cheek, boy! It is a great shortly after-in-a-lifestyle possibility!” Except that which, there aren’t any references regarding an unrealistic romantic relationship between Jake and you may Forest Trunks, despite the fact that will still be close friends. The guy encouraged her link to Mr. Pig and you can starred his viola within its relationships.


On episode “Their Champion,” Jake said he had a secret break to your Billy. So when they fulfill, Jake has stating “I favor you, Billy!” Jake seemingly have higher respect having Billy. He end their “violent” technique for preserving people and you can come saving people in a pacifistic way just like the Billy envision it absolutely was in the correct manner, even if Finn second thoughts they. Inside “Billy’s Bucket Record,” it’s indicated that Jake is within denial throughout the Billy’s dying.


Prismo and Jake come loitering along with her due to the fact episode “Jake canine.” They became quick relatives and you will Jake ranked Prismo because the “An effective no. 3 back at my chill guys checklist.” Jake features hanging that have Prismo, however, implies that Prismo means a girlfriend because he is thus lonely. At the conclusion of the fresh event, Prismo states which he wants to spend time which have Jake even more in the future. The solid sense of relationship is shown inside the “Wake up” when Prismo was happy to call it quits his existence in order to own Finn and you may Jake to get in the Amazingly Citadel. Jake been able to restore Prismo for the “Is that you?” employing solid “brother bond,” getting prepared to enable it to be another type of himself to bed permanently to store Prismo’s consciousness alive.