Just like some other people who love to eat, I always have interest in cooking

However, I have this habit to not measure the ingredients and sometimes have random ideas, even though I look at recipe. I am not sure why, but maybe ’cause my mom also cook that way. lol. Because of that habit, I usually cook one-serving since I can’t guarantee the taste ?? Well sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s failed, and sometimes I just follow the recipe! It all really depends on what I have at home. I almost never cook during my undergraduate days because I was already tired in keeping up the assignments and even have irregular eating schedule ?? I almost always chose to just eat whatever we had at home -even if it’s just rice+salt lol- instead of cooking something. Yeah that bad. But these days, I’m back on track!! Since last year I started to pay attention in my health and want to healthier food. Even though I always eat homecooked foods -which means way healthier than take out foods-, my old passion to try cooking random-unfamiliar foods -to my mom- is back. ?? I actually considered this particular one as failed based on the taste.. BUT!! the food came out sooo prettyyyyy that I couldn’t help but want to share it here ??????

I forgot that I have honey and cook it in medium fire TT^TT the bunt looks pretty bad but fortunately it didn’t really affect the taste

The main food in this dish is grilled salmon and mushroom. The salmon got burnt I know T^T it’s all because I marinated this in lemon, garlic, and HONEY. I even barely taste the burnt?? And about the taste…. I think I didn’t marinated it long enough because I barely taste the marinade ?? it’s alright though, salmon itself already tastes good!! I really like the texture, reminds me of one of my favourite fish, mackerel! For the mushroom, I grilled them in the simplest way: sprinkle some salts and chili powder then just wait until the juice came out! I first knew that mushroom can be cooked this way when I tried Korean BBQ. They restaurant that I visited provide mushroom as one of the side dish to be grilled. When I first tried it, it somehow tastes weird. But as I tried it again, I strangely started to enjoy the taste! For those who doesn’t like them, I recommend to sprinkle a little bit of salt (and spices). It really improves the taste and make a delicious broth!

I just recently know about cauliflower rice, a substitute for the actual rice. I looked for some recipes and turns out you just need to cooked it like fried rice! it seems interesting so I decided to tried one. In the videos that I watched it is said that we need to use food processor or medium grate, but I only have a fine grate. It took too long for the stems to finely grated so I ended up chopped them with knife lol. I only roughly season it with basic seasonings -salt, garlic, and chili powder- so I’m not satisfied with the taste, but I like the texture. I gonna try to make this again later!

As far as I know, not a lot of people like the juice that came out or the mushroom that cooked this way

I literally don’t know what this side dish called lol. Maybe salad?? The base are spinach and enoki mushroom. I originally want to lightly season it with my last drop of soy sauce. Buuuut somehow my mom thought it’s leftover sweet soy sauce so I need to think of other way TT^TT Then I got this idea to make my own salty soy sauce http://americashpaydayloan.com/title-loans-sd/ with sweet soy sauce, a pinch of salt , and a little bit of water. I also add some sliced almonds in the last minute. You think it works? nope, it’s not ?? the sweetness makes the sauce literally like sweet soy sauce+salt with too much water. The almond is not so bad but I think it will taste better if I roast it first.