After years as a media executive, Nicos Hadjicostis abandoned the business world and set his sights on a larger and more fulfilling goal: to explore our planet as if it were one huge country, a single destination. Starting from New York and traveling west for six-and-a-half-years, the author visited six continents and seventy countries delving deep into their peoples, cultures and natural wonders.

Destination Earth is the result of this life-transforming journey. While many travelers today concern themselves with destinations solely for amusement, relaxation, and entertainment, the author proposes a more meaningful, rewarding, and fulfilling way of viewing Travel and its relation to Life. Enriched with travel incidents and some of the author’s best travel photos, Destination Earth sheds light on both Travel and Life. Ideas and experiences are interwoven into a newly created Philosophy of Travel that is practical and easy to read.

Destination Earth is the proud winner of three prestigious book awards

The 2017 International Book Award

The 2017 Independent Press Award

Travel Category

The 2017 Readers’ Favorite Award

Silver Award for the Travel Genre

Destination Earth has been translated into Korean and been published in South Korea by Sigma Press. It is available at bookstores throughout South Korea and at

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